The Future of the Orthotic and Prosthetic Profession

The OPC 2016 National Conference featured a one-day Pre-Conference event "The Future of Orthotics & Prosthetics Profession" that featured special guest speakers and panelists in open discussion on the state of the O&P profession. OPC captured these valuable and informative presentations for all OPC members to view and benefit from.

Through active presentations and panel discussions, these feature presentations impart knowledge and skills to navigate the changes occurring in the O&P profession, as well as strategies to adapt and increase relevancy in the health care community. Topics cover Evidence Based Practice, Clinical Data Collection, the Role of Technology in the Future, and Interdisciplinary Innovation.

The password can be found in the Members Only section of the website.

OPC - Part 01 - Dr. Jason Highsmith - "Evidence Based Practice"

Panelists: Linda Laakso CO(c), Dr. Brian J. Hafner, Paul Prusakowski

OPC - Part 02 - Brittany Pousett CP(c) - "Clinical Data Collection"

Panelists: Dr. Brian J. Hafner, Cara Negri, Dr. M. Jason Highsmith

OPC - Part 03 & 04 - "Role of Technology in the Future" by Dr. Géza Kogler (Orthotics) and Matt Ratto (Prosthetics)

OPC - Part 05 - Dr. Urs Schneider - "Interdisciplinary Innovation"

Panelists: Yvonne Jeffreys CO(c), Dr. Silvia Raschke, Gord Ruder CO(c)

OPC - Part 06 - Closing Presenter Panel Discussion

featuring Dr. Silvia Raschke and all presenters


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