The Scopes of Practice document for CBCPO credentialed Orthotic and Prosthetic Professionals in Canada defines several aspects of the orthotic and prosthetic professions including the delineation of the scopes of practice and the specific responsibilities of CBCPO credentialed individuals.  The document has been developed for use by orthotic and prosthetic professionals, consumers, members of the rehabilitation team, private and public payers, health care decision makers as well as legislative and regulatory officials.

The practice of orthotics and prosthetics in Canada occurs in various settings, including independent private orthotic and/or prosthetic practices, public hospital facilities, inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation facilities, rural outreach clinics, home health settings, short term and long-term care facilities. CBCPO credentialed professionals play a critical role in the rehabilitation of individuals in need of orthotic and prosthetic treatment.

The Scope of Practice reflects the domains of practice for CBCPO credentialed orthotic and prosthetics clinical and technical professionals in Canada.  They are reflective of the respective education and the required entry-to-practice competencies for Certified Orthotists CO(c), Certified Prosthetists CP(c), Certified Prosthetists Orthotists CPO(c), Registered Technicians in Orthotics RTO(c), Registered Technicians in Prosthetics RTP(c) and Registered Technicians in Prosthetics and Orthotics RTPO(c).


IMPORTANT NOTE:  These Scopes of Practice are only reflective of the competencies for those CBCPO credentialed professionals that are eligible to utilize the registered trademarks noted above as well as their resident and intern candidates as noted within the Scopes of Practice.

OPC used a variety of resources to develop this document including:

  • The previous CBCPO Orthotics and Prosthetics Scope of Practice
  • A comprehensive Practice Analysis Survey for orthotists, prosthetists and registered technicians
  • School curricula from accredited prosthetic and orthotic schools in Canada
  • Identified competencies for residency and internship programs

The  information in the following graphics were taken from the OPC Practice Analysis Survey that was completed in December 2014 by ProExam Services Inc.  For further information about the practice analysis survey, please contact the OPC National Office.

Orthotic Practice                                                   Prosthetic Practice