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OPC COVID-19 Response: Certification Practical Examination 2020

Mar 18, 2020

Currently the Certification and Registration Board (CRB) are considering the possibility of rescheduling the 2020 Clinical Practical exams if the situation requires. These are currently booked for the end of May in Winnipeg.


We understand the uncertainty and anxiety being felt in this challenging time, and we are also aware that certain things like air travel and hotel bookings may be limited or restricted by authorities.

With the exams being weeks 8 away, the exam team is working on organizing materials and personnel in the hopes that we can run the exams as scheduled. We are also working with our host site in planning alternate dates, if required. Rest assured, we are taking the required hours worked into consideration as we are aware some of you are not seeing patients at this time or foreseeable future.

Please understand that we are guided by influences beyond our control and we will be subject to work within any guidelines and directives of government health agencies as they develop. In the event that the exams have to be rescheduled, we will provide timely updates to all candidates and examiners. The exams will still be hosted in Winnipeg and we are hopeful that if rescheduling is necessary, we can limit the delay to as short a time as possible. 

To be clear, there will not be any extra fees associated with applications for the exams if they are rescheduled but there may be some added administrative requirements as we move forward. 

Warm regards,

Jennifer Traer, CAE
Programs & Credentialing Director