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OPC Board of Directors, Committees & Staff

OPC Board of Directors

  • Dan Mead, CPO(c), PresidentContacting people matrix visual image
  • Linda Laakso, CO(c), Vice President
  • Mark Agro, CO(c), FCBC, Treasurer
  • Ronald Bartlett, RTPO(c)
  • Kieran Bliss, CP(c)
  • Serap Kaga, CO(c)
  • Leslie Pardoe, CO(c)
  • Steve Scott, CP(c)
  • Stan Wlodarczyk, CP(c)
  • Warren Matthews, RTPO(c)
  • Jason Adams, Director at Large
  • Dr. Nancy Dudek, MD, MEd, FRCPC - Director at Large

To contact any of the above Directors, please refer to the Find a Professional tool or contact the OPC National office at or 613-595-1919.

 OPC Committees

Nominations Committee, Chair: Carla Reimer CO(c)

Professional Qualifications Committee, Chair: Scott Simmons CP(c)

  • Residency and Internship Sub-Committee, Chair: Amy Richardson CP(c)

Certification and Registration Board (CBCPO), Chair: Stacey Brown CO(c)

Standards & Ethics, Chair:  Peter Marinic RTO(c), CP(c)

  • Professional Practice Sub-Committee, Chair:  Heather Miklovich CO(c)

Professional Development, Chair:  Sharon Carr CO(c)

Marketing & Communications, Chair:  Dave Broman CPO(c), FCBC

Finance Committee: Chair: Mark Agro, CO(c), FCBC, Treasurer - Member at Large: Alan Moore RTPO(c), CO(c), FCBC

  OPC Staff

*All email addresses are

  • Dana Cooper, MBA, CAE, Executive Director
    Email: dana
  • Sandra Fyfe, Member & Programs Administrator
    Email: sandra
  • Pamela Peckford, Credentialing Coordinator
    Email: pamela
  • Mara Juneau, Programs & Credentialing Director (on Maternity Leave)
    Email: mara


The above staff members are provided through Association Management Consulting and Evaluation Services.  AMCES is an association management company, contracted by OPC to provide administrative, operational and executive director services.